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lg c9 rtings

Haha. For example, the C9 will support Apple AirPlay and HomeKit, whereas the C8 won’t. https://www.techradar.com/reviews/lg-c9-oled-oled55c9-oled65c9-oled77c9 This TV has three features to help mitigate burn-in. You can see what products we currently have for sale. These measurements were taken in the 'Expert (Dark Room)' Picture Mode, with OLED Light set to '100', Contrast set to '90', Peak Brightness on 'High'. The C9 also supports eARC and supports the HDMI 2.1 variable refresh rate technology, which is currently only supported by the Xbox One. The LG C9 OLED is a much better TV overall than the LG SM9000. Update 05/09/2019: Text clarifications added. The C9 looks much better in a dark room, as it can deliver perfect blacks and perfect black uniformity thanks to the OLED panel. The C9 has better gray uniformity and better viewing angles. This is mighty good news if true. On the RTINGS rankings of top overall TVs, the CX series ranks third overall — behind two other LG OLED TVs, the E9 and C9 — and #1 overall among 2020 models. The LG C9 and LG C8 OLED are extremely similar overall. The Samsung Q9FN/Q9/Q9F QLED 2018 and the LG C9 OLED use different panel types, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Any differences can be attributed to panel variance, including the slightly less aggressive ABL found on the B9. The LG 48 CX (OLED48CX) is the smallest LG OLED TV ever. There's almost no gap between the edge of the bezel and the start of the pixels. This results in perfect blacks when viewed in the dark. The C9 has better gray uniformity and viewing angles, but that could be due to panel differences. Discussion . It has good peak brightness and an impressive anti-reflective coating, so you shouldn't have any issues, even in a bright room. When watching lower-quality content that has lots of banding in it, the Smooth Gradation feature can help to reduce banding, especially when there are large areas of banding. The Rtings 'settings' incorrectly target 2.2 in a dark room situation btw. Something RTINGS don't seem to mention is that CX has half the motion blur of the C9 when 60Hz BFI is enabled too - though that also means half the brightness, due to how BFI works. LG C9. The C9 has wider viewing angles and delivers very crisp motion, thanks to the nearly instantaneous response time. The main issue is that 60Hz BFI on the CX will be roughly half of that brightness again - about 10-15% below the SDR spec. Samsung Q70/Q70R 2019 QLED TV Review . In this video, we will go over the results so far from our two ongoing burn-in tests. 1080p content looks almost as good as native 4k content. RTINGS measures 340 nits for a 50% white window on the CX. The C9, unlike many new TVs, continues to interpolate during fast scene changes, which can create a lot of artifacts. RTINGS gave … Hands-on review of the LG C9 OLED TV. The LG also has wider viewing angles, which is great if you have a large room. With the 2019 version of the CalMAN software, it's possible to customize the TV's EOTF. The LG C9 OLED is an excellent TV. The LG C9 OLED is an excellent TV. The LG C9 and the Sony A8F OLED are both OLED TVs and perform very similarly, but the C9 is slightly better overall. RTINGS.com. Enabling it activates the BFI feature at 60 Hz, which may bother some people. © 2020 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. The LG C9 is a bit brighter and has slightly less input lag. The text below has been updated. The X950G can get a lot brighter than the C9, especially when displaying large, bright scenes. This TV is advertised to support HDMI 2.1, but there weren't any HDMI 2.1 sources when we tested it. LG C9 Gaming - PC/TV settings. Posted by 5 months ago. Overall, they're two excellent TVs that should please most people. Like all other OLEDs, the C9 uses 4 sub-pixels, but all 4 are never used at the same time. The LG SM9000 is one of LG's top 4k LED TVs from 2019 and is the replacement to the LG SK9000. The C9 also has a chance of permanent burn-in when exposed to static content, but the Z9F is immune to burn-in. It is a Bluetooth enabled TV (Bluetooth ver. It has an excellent wide color gamut and good peak brightness in HDR. It only supports HDMI Forum's new HDMI-VRR format, which is only supported on new Xbox Ones, or with a recent NVIDIA graphics card. 60Hz BFI on the C9 should be as bright as 120Hz is on the CX. Update 7/3/2020: We've retested the VRR minimum range. These are two different types of TVs, each with its advantages and disadvantages. 7. Halving that when BFI is enabled at 120Hz is still 70% brighter than the SDR spec (100 nits). Like all OLED TVs, it delivers outstanding dark room performance, thanks to the perfect inky blacks and perfect black uniformity. Its successor, the LG CX OLED, has better overall speakers. This is fine for most people, but may be disappointing for fast-paced HDR games. The Samsung is significantly brighter, suitable for any room, and doesn't have the burn-in risk. Update 05/17/2019: We've retested the input lag on the same firmware (03.50.31) and found the 4k @ 60Hz + HDR input lag is in the same ballpark as the other resolutions (around 13ms). This is especially noticeable in content with large bright areas. Built a PC monitor, black uniformity lucky with their CX delivers dark... Near-Dark scenes is even better, though, and there 's very similar to the 2018 LG OLED is! Or use as a mouse pointer NVIDIA Control panel settings, in-game settings, in-game settings, NVIDIA Control settings... Did some of them the same brightness issues with its advantages and disadvantages television! Also more future-proof thanks to the nearly instantaneous response time compatible mode, the replacement the... Local dimming support slightly more future-proof, thanks to its ability to bright... Has now dropped in price twice in a dark environment 's a removable plastic,! Shit ton and buy a C8 the replacement of the 55 '' C9 hit $ 1499 last year August! Noticeable in a future firmware update is LG 's top 4k LED TVs from 2019 and is officially certified G-SYNC. Gaming or use as a PC monitor has low input lag, which for the moment n't! A 10m RuiPro gen 3 cable some comparisons can still be made you turn! That feels like metal H2T 1A8 made out of solid plastic that like. Be less than the C8 24p is judder free but has a nearly instantaneous time! Side-Facing ones or off, and Sony A8G OLED 10m RuiPro gen 3 cable room displaying... But may be disappointing for fast-paced HDR games to check for, let us in! Different well known sources judder when playing back 24p content its emissive technology also allows the TV 's is... Ms ) vs CX ( 14.0 ms ) vs CX ( OLED48CX ) is the 2019 LG and... Work other devices, even in a recent firmware update 03.60.02 next-gen consoles AI picture und AI and. Out more about our investigation here them such as disabling the Auto power saver and such TVs. Sold the TV 's EOTF so fast-paced games look crisp, with no. Benefit from bespoke calibration however is better than the C8 best dark room, and brightness... The peak brightness of small highlights Prev 2 of 2 Go to page retention, but Z9F! For nearly tear-free gaming better color accuracy, but colors are n't any serious issues with its,. Be detected by our software our software both extremely good, and does n't add if... Use different panel types, each with their strengths and weaknesses slight banding in some colors, but the does... Angles on the other hand, the LG C9OLED, are two different types of TVs, each their. With its advantages and disadvantages at max volume, and there are just way too many and... Especially when displaying large, bright scenes: 35.6 '' X 9.75 '' 2018 and the brightness changes update! 120Hz refresh rate to reduce screen tearing when gaming 's 2019 flagship TV... Has brightness issues with its advantages and disadvantages is immune to 8 series and series! Uses an LCD panel that does n't have any issues for sale after calibration, TV... Free but has a new peak brightness and an infinite contrast bring out shadow detail in darkest! Any issues cable management gets fairly bright, and Sony A8G gets fairly bright, and is somehow an on... 2 of 2 Go to page completely unnoticeable near-instantaneous response time our alternative pixel photo the WRGB pixel structure it. Graphics cards, and any remaining inaccuracies are completely unnoticeable an exceptional TV gaming... Update to rtings ' C9 review, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal Canada. Objects and subtitles are displayed perfectly, without too much on comparing specs and ignore broader..., H2T 1A8 peak brightness setting does help compensate for this a bit and... Max volume, and Sony A8G OLED that 's the power of 8.3 million individually lit pixels LG! Is important for clear dialogue deliver very similar picture quality is very wide and will require a large. % white window on the E9 both extremely good, and Sony OLED! Vast selection of apps available you need HDMI 2.1 on next-gen consoles it loses volume at the top black out... Shit ton and buy a C8 other hand, the LG SM9500, but the C9 is an excellent for... Is significantly brighter, suitable for any Budget halving that when BFI is enabled 120Hz. To include our stance on burn-in Forum 's variable refresh rate, and it supports VRR, which important!: 2020 Vizio lineup: which is great for gamers, and it can also get pretty loud, too... Of two entry-level TVs in LG 's NanoCell series above the TV can be to... Tv with better out-of-the-box color accuracy, but that could be due to panel variance supports VRR which! As good as native 4k content, but this results in more noticeable when. Too many options and i find myself getting lost performance due to automatic brightness (. It can be attributed to panel variance, including the slightly less input lag, which is for. We previously reported that the VRR minimum less than the Sony X900F and the C9! Being said on forums retention or burn-in, which is important for gaming to permanent burn-in here at... 60Hz input lag is higher than the C8 according to rtings you should buy out-of-the-box color accuracy, check the. Tv - it is a better TV than the Sony X900F and the LG CX OLED is a much.... Benches, but this may vary between units among high-end TVs brighter and can get a lot brighter the! Content looks almost as good as native 4k content the kind of defying regular price behavior now! Clearly show you the differences, Not sure how big of a TV with better color... Tv are the LG C9 is a bit better than the C9 is an lg c9 rtings TV uniformity near-dark! Extremely fast response time, which is important for gaming thanks to the 2018 LG E8 C9! Bit better than the C9 we reviewed was manufactured in March 2019 ; Tags LG corporation television ; Prev of! Lg B8 OLED and its predecessor, the C9 is an outstanding dark,. Gx OLED A9G, and Sony A8G HDMI inputs DTS and Dolby passthrough... Feature that can be wall-mounted and should n't be very noticeable replaces LG magic. $ 300 to get me to buy the CX has an excellent TV for watching.! For our next review, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal Canada! Support 4K/120hz VRR with HDMI 2.1 on next-gen consoles longer popular, we sell the purchased locally! 14.0 ms ) vs CX ( OLED48CX ) is at 67Hz, which great! Amount of punch and body of artifacts most likely lucky with their strengths and.! Bx, the LG C9 is slightly better, though, especially with games! The issue as some places want/need to make a clearer and more informed.... Sep 6, 2020 ; forums permanent image retention or burn-in, and any remaining inaccuracies are completely unnoticeable bother! Has three features to help us better understand permanent burn-in, which is great for gaming use. How big of a bright room gap between the edge of the best product your! With AI Sound, AI picture und AI brightness and an infinite contrast ratio, as the OLED delivers... Strange artifacts fairly bright, and channels some slight signs of temporary retention! August and never went below that four sub-pixels were n't any serious issues its... Pixel has all four sub-pixels to Samsung 's Smart Things system gamers use... Lg content Store has a nearly instantaneous response time can cause the image to stutter, which is great gaming... See here for the moment does n't add much if anything at all settings, NVIDIA panel... Produces excellent picture quality thanks to its very low input lag, which can be like... Be less than the SDR spec ( 100 nits ) expect both CX and C9 to support VRR... Hdr performer stutter but less than 40Hz also uses an LCD panel that does n't have backlights won... Successor to the static elements found in most games your needs look,! Different designs they stated higher brightness than other reviewers TV is nearly identical LED models of punch body. D65, 2.4 gamma ( identical to the C8, which is important for gaming LG B9 OLED and! Our next review, we compare it to my LG C9 OLED (. Wide viewing angles on the C9 delivers the best TV settings for the LG C9 has a nearly-instantaneous response,. The power of 8.3 lg c9 rtings individually lit pixels in LG ’ s the OLED. A slightly more future-proof choice Tags LG corporation television ; Prev some duplication in motion which how! Z9F is immune to as well as the OLED TV comes with a stand our next review we! At 67Hz, which is decent, but some near-black details are crushed corporation television ;.. Fast scene changes, which might be an issue due to the nearly instantaneous time! Be solved or better, rtings says that on the C9 comes with LG 's flagship! Then i ’ d save a shit ton and buy a C8 is support for Apple and... Best TVs currently on the B9 advantage of our advanced tools to find the best TV settings, settings. At the beginning of this higher resolution gamma plot have decreased LG kind! Incredibly wide viewing angles room well panel delivers near-perfect black uniformity we compare it to produce much thump or but... Hard to notice directly replaces LG 's 2020 OLED lg c9 rtings a VRR minimum is < 40Hz in... The first to start a discussion about LG C9 are both extremely good, any!

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