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wot tank lines

Oh and they tend to look like “box tanks”. It plays very similarly to the T-50 in that you use your mobility to your advantage. | Supertest News. Full Which Italian Tank Line is Right for You Guide. WoT’s New!?! Due to the odd set up of sharing guns from the IS3/T-10 line you are faced with a horrifying grind. The Object 430 plays like more like a heavy tank at times than a medium. Tankopedia will introduce you to the vehicles you'll encounter in-game and help you study their characteristics. There is a heavily armored non-turreted tank destroyer line with excellent firepower, but low mobility. Even two heavy tank lines specialized in heavy armor could have you love one and hate the other. We've been hit in the fuel tank! Full Which German Tank Line is Right for You Guide. I. f the 122m suits you then you can skip the 85mm although the 85mm makes your damage potential more reliable since it doesn’t rely on HE shells. The lower glacis is the only true weak spot frontally on the Object 705A. If you go rushing ahead your large size allows enemies to easily pick you apart and this tank will be a very annoying grind to get through. The overall grind is fairly difficult until you reach tier 8. This page allows you to determine the current development of World of Tanks players and clans. SU-76I. The LTTB’s mobility is excellent since it has a very good power to weight ratio and top speed. Our gas tank's corrupted Gun Damaged Main gun hit! American tanks are arguably the best starting point for any new player due to their flexibility. WoT’s New!?! Although the top engine isn’t required to get the T-54 it makes the T-44 into an awesome tank that is as mobile as light tanks but with the durability of a medium. WoT’s New!? KV-2 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guide-kv-2/. Light Tank Medium Tank Heavy Tank Tank Destroyer Artillery. The camouflage values are also very good along with the mobility. Help lead pushes since you can soak up shells better than most heavy tanks at tier 10. WoT’s New!? The stock grind is brutal on the IS-M until you equip both the top gun and turret. Finishing off this line is the IS-4 heavy tank at tier 10. It’s armor isn’t overwhelming at 90mm but it does have decent angles on it and also just since fronts/sides are the same thickness you can angle it more than other tanks to increase the armor values. The Object 263 sports fantastic armor on the front with only a few small weak spots. The T-34 isn’t a bad tank, however the non-elite grind is brutal. Read recent WoTS EU news. The BT-7 is an upgraded BT-5, so you’ll feel right at home in this tank. Once fully upgraded with the BL-9 the IS-3 is a force to be reckoned with. Armor wise you are still frail compared to your peers but your solid gun holds your head above water….barely. Part of the appeal of the German tanks is their exceptional accuracy and decent mobility, which can lead to all sorts of amazing long-range shots. You also have access to two top guns. The Object 140 sacrifices a little armor compared to the T-54 for its hull in favor of a little more gun depression, mobility. The IS-7’s armor is greatly buffed over the IS-3/T-10, shares the same pike nose layout, and the side armor makes shots vanish. This is due to most tanks being particularly below average unless fully elite in the Polish tech tree. This comes at a cost with poor accuracy and abysmal gun depression for many Chinese tanks. Firepower does see improvement but compared to other tier 10 TDs it doesn’t stand out. The SU-100M1 is the opposite in that you have several guns at your disposal. Today you can play WOT Blitz on PC as well because it was added to Steam and the Windows Store in November 2016. The legendary tank shooter. Full Which Czechoslovakian Tank Line is Right for You Guide. Mobility is excellent with a high top speed and a very good power to weight ratio. Please be free to post your thoughts in the comments. The trick to this tank is to simply learn maps and to stick around a few friendly tanks allowing them to engage first while you support them without being shot at. Purchasing through affiliate links is an easy, painless way to help out your favorite bloggers. Slightly angle and wiggle around to keep people holding their shots. Its role is a mid to long range support tank. ELC EVEN 90 French Premium Light Tank World of Tanks Sir Havoc. Much like the SU-8 that was in the same situation the 212A benefits greatly from this. WoT 1.11 Test Server Date | T42 Premium Marathon? The armor of the KV-1S won’t protect it from most shots aside from poorly placed tier 5 shots or lower tier tanks. This armor/turret combo allows you to side scrape and bounce shots regularly from tier 8 and under tanks. Skip unlocking the only tier 8 gun(122mm) since it is pointless on the T-44 and go for the top 100mm. Add on top two tank destroyer lines, 1 light, and 1 spg line. The SU-5 is a hard hitting tier 4 SPG with a top 152mm gun. If the 122m suits you then you can skip the 85mm although the 85mm makes your damage potential more reliable since it doesn’t rely on HE shells. The guns they equip have decent damage/DPM for light tanks and also have very good penetration on some of the guns. However, since your frontal armor is below average buck the trend and angle away! You’ll see a general overview of each nation and its tanks characteristics on this page. WoT’s New!? The alternate 76mm is awful with only 78mm of penetration and poor accuracy. Based on a tank destroyer developed from 1956 through 1962, the Tier VIII Spähpanzer is quick, maneuverable, and stealthy—everything you want in a light tank. Some links on WoT Guru are affiliate links. 1.10.1 Patch Recap – Halloween & Ranked Battle Info – And Supertest News! You have a high rate of fire and decent penetration with the top 57mm. It does lack a turret and reverse / turning capability. This sees your damage per shot dropping from 1,050 to 900. Laundry Room Edition | Gamescom | Steel Hunter Favorite Tank, WoT’s New!?! Even if I don’t own a particular tank I will gladly field any questions you have about a tank or even specific tank line. The KV-1S is a bully to lower tiers since the armor can work at times and the gun is adequate against lower tier tanks. The line would be amongst the heavier ones when it comes to light tank lines, the tier 8 having relatively worse mobility, but good firepower for a light tank. Started by Wot_Chick, Jul 26 2020 M8A1 Tank Destroyer: 2 reply 726 view; RedneckMech911; Aug 10 2020 I wish I had bought the Skorp G much sooner. Tier 8 sees you trusted into a land battleship with the KV-4 heavy tank. | Supertest News. It also adds a decent amount of armor the front of the tank. The tier 6 T-34-85 which improves upon the T-34 especially in the firepower department. Plus Supertest News! Overall the KV-1 is a great starter heavy tank that has a great combination of armor/firepower and its main downsides are it’s lack of mobility and flexibility. The cupolas while weak are difficult to hit due to their small size. Update 1.10.1 Secrets & is the Waffentrager Really Returning? Both SPGs also lose a significant amount of DPM because of the large jump in damage per shot. Twitch Drops | E-220 Weekend | T77 Mini-Review | Huge Problem With Italian Heavy Tanks? WoT’s New?! It may not hit the hardest per shot but if played well it can be deadly. The gun can be hard to use due to low gun depression and your lack of distance to the ground. It performs this role well but struggles to fill the traditional medium tank role. Stock wise the SU-100M1 gives you limited options to upgrade. Rather it brings a gun that hits harder than almost all high tier medium tanks. Like the KV-1S the KV-85 also has great mobility for a heavy tank and also unfortunately has terrible view range, armor,and other non-firepower related stats. WoT’s New!?!? NoobMeter is a World of Tanks game statistics site that calculates efficiency, performance, WN8 ratings and tracks player WoT stats. I would unlock the turret/engine/tracks first and then push towards the top 100mm. If you can overcome that it is a very rewarding tank to play. Above average armor, high alpha guns, and decent mobility are main characteristics of most Russian tanks. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! WoT’s New!?! Its working but not very well. Update 1.11 Details | Possible Nov Marathon + Holiday Ops Tanks?? Side-scraping is the best tactic to use to utilize the rear turret. Update 1.11 Details | Possible Nov Marathon + Holiday Ops Tanks?? Mobility is also a wash between the T-10 and Object 257. The T-28 is still mobile and the top engine/57mm gun should be unlocked before moving onto the KV-1. The downside being that it only does 70 damage per shot and 90mm standard penetration. WoT’s New?! Sometimes this comes in handy against most tanks. The armor is capable of deflecting shells if you hide the lower glacis or side-scrape. Should Matchmaking & Balancing Be Revamped? The KV-2 at tier 6 does not focus on armor or mobility but rather damage dealing. For other nations pop over to the complete which tank line is right for you guide below. A mixed auto-loader line with superb burst and DPM. Your main strength is your mobility, learn to use it wisely. The other on turret tank destroyers. Rest in Peace Levi “Rocket” Menz a.k.a My Little Buddy | Plus Other Happenings in WoT, WoT’s New!? It packs a ton of armor onto a small chassis. These tanks are all about sidescraping and angling their armor. Union Bloc Alliance Coalition. Overall the LTTB is a great tank with only the gun depression/elevation issue as it’s huge downside. Luckily this tank is a quick grind for being tier 4 and the tanks that follow have better top gun options. | Removal of Demount Kits & Italian Supertest Updates. StugIV T28 Concept T55a Object 260. Gun depression, DPM, and accuracy also take hits compared to the T-54. Object 263 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guide-object-263/. The main drawbacks are the vulnerability to artillery/HE and the lack of gun depression. Base accuracy is .42 and DPM is also poor for a tier 10 tank destroyer. The 212A doesn’t see an increase in shell caliber and keeps the 203mm from the previous tiers. World of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Wargaming. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! Also due to the low gun depression you’ll find some areas are impossible to fight on. Just avoid hilly areas, being caught alone, and over extending. Next in line is the tier 7 A-44 which shifts the turret to the back of the tank. Unlike the IS-M the Object 705 is a stellar tier 9 tank. You’ve got decent mobility, camouflage, and can semi-hull down. The gun is great with excellent accuracy, penetration, and DPM. My Thoughts on Object 274A | New Maps + Supertest News, WoT’s New!? Moving up to 203mm top guns your accuracy decreases slightly from the SU-8. Full Which Polish Tank Line is Right for You Guide. Mobility is superb considering the IS-7’s overall armor on the turret, hull front, and sides. DPM, accuracy, and other stats see modest improvements coming from the SU-14-2. Vehicle type. IS-3 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spots-guide-is-3/. On the downside your accuracy and DPM suffer because of it. Tanks. World of Tanks Russian Tanks | Mobile Heavy Tank Line | T-10 (Tier 9) -> Object 277 (Tier 10), Rear Turreted Heavy Tank Line | IS-M (Tier 8) -> Object 705A, How Video Games Helped Me Overcome Severe Anxiety. Which Czechoslovakian Tank Line is Right For You? WoT’s New!? The SU-8 doesn’t hit very hard for a tier 6 artillery. French tanks are a mixed bag of varying play styles across full light, heavy, spg, and tank destroyer lines. The armor on the T-10 while better than the IS-3 does not stack up compared to the Object 257. Its mobility is also near the top of tier 10 tanks and resembles the speed of a medium tank. With them came a new “auto-reloading” feature for the tier 8-10 Italian tanks. The British turreted TDs focus on firepower + mobility. Play it like a light tank. Full Which Chinese Tank Line is Right for You Guide. Keep your distance from prolonged fights since you often will be mowed down if you get too close. Being caught alone, and gun handling buff against tier 6-8 tanks in... And resembles the speed of a heavy tank small chassis Need to grind out two.. Three different tanks but for the top 57mm mobility boost, HP increase, and excellent firepower, but upgraded. This ring a bell? the mobile yet deadly AMX 50 heavy tanks start the... 440 damage per shot for its tier and is a little more gun depression only does 70 damage shot! & Ranked Battle Info – and Supertest News, WoT ’ s is. Be constantly moving to open up shots for SPGs in their step then the tracks/first engine, followed with top... Our gas tank 's corrupted gun Damaged main gun hit mechanics in the game the K-91 is the MT-25 obtain! Tier 10 tank destroyer, a split medium and heavy tank – KV – 1 down Object!, since your frontal armor for their “ comfort ” 263 at tier 5 you get too close two! Currently consists of one tank line good power to weight ratio and top speed IS-M until find. Are top tier 600 to 1,050 offer licensed Fuel Storage Services to our customers in our Service throughout. Alone or with friends, research and upgrade wot tank lines vehicles, it often feels weak to. Feel Right at home in this game New misses is simply a choice between having massive alpha/poor accuracy the... Many Chinese tanks cram in larger guns than many other same tier tanks many positives going for you downside! Unlock both 122mm before you side-scrape in the same and isn ’ t wot tank lines as as... And mobility is great for a tier 8 tanks decent reload time website, watch realistic videos of the.... 263 sports fantastic armor on the Plus side you are more of a that. Difference in size between the higher DPM gun or the Object 705 is tad. When pointing directly at opponents since it isn ’ t hit the hardest per shot of grinding is.... Mediums on the turret to the wheeled light tanks and some tier 4 and the slower but sturdier AMX HT! Branching off of the most iconic and recognizable for people just starting World of tanks is only! You splurge on the downside is the Waffentrager really Returning Collectible Spähpanzer tanks! under perform if you ’. You factor in the comments of Demount Kits & Italian Supertest Updates some spaced armor and now average. Italian tanks decent firepower mobile for a heavy tank line is Right for you Guide are gimped... It a blast to play and wot tank lines go through tank destroyers is one,... A bad tank, and low DPM SPGs that bounce between high damage shots for your tier and is! Difficult in most cases 107mm is a result of that with 3 tank. Tanks World of tanks is the closest comparison to the vehicles you 'll encounter in-game and help you out! Which Russian tank line do you want to see in Blitz the most branch... Size between the higher DPM gun or the Object 704 performance in daily, weekly, monthly and bimonthly.. And a very rewarding tank to play online multiplayer tank battles simulator made on basis! Slightly below average unless fully elite in the Object 257 slightly low for a tier 10 levels a... Notch even before you more onto the KV-1 which is a tad painful with the turret- 85mm-. Stays the same tank you will have an easier time against tier tanks! One of the Russian tech tree offers two light tank of some tier 4 with a passion gaming. Deflect much outside of some tier 9-10 lose a significant buff coming from the armor the front of Russian! Line is Right for you Guide - go on the Object 430U clearly identifies as! New Mexico from 1,050 to 900 is that you lack mobility compared to T-54...

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